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There are many things to consider when trying to obtain a cannabis merchant account. For one, each state has different laws and regulations surrounding the sale and distribution of cannabis products. The legalities and brand associations are the principal concerns for banks and financial institutions. Even for medication such as pharmaceuticals, there can be challenges. Existing pharmacies that are online now have to acquire cannabis payment processing solutions custom to their needs. Age verification and THC content can also become an issue. But not to worry, eDataPay has solutions that can help these merchants find out if they qualify, and stay ahead of changing regulations.

How Does Cannabis Payment Processing Work?

Cannabis Credit Card ProcessingWe understand that cannabis payment processing is a struggle to obtain. You have enough to deal with as you’re building and developing your business. eDataPay is here to help you find the answers you’ll need to sell cannabis-related products online.

Additionally, each of eData processing banks is conscious of the products you’re selling. We can get you fast and seamless approval for your business. With no hidden fees and a straightforward application process, we take you through each step of the process and submit your business package to the bank.

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