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Set Up Recurring Payments in Seconds

A single API supports numerous recurring billing scenarios. Easy to implement yet powerful to use recurring payments for any type of content subscription, SaaS products, and more. Create flexible subscriptions depending on your business needs.

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Continuity Subscription Merchant Account Provider!

Higher Conversion Rate

Retry failed transactions or charge another card assigned to the customer to avoid lost revenue. Use webhooks to receive updates.

Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Build strong and lasting relations with customers and increase retention.

Maximize Revenue

Process failed transactions thanks to auto-updates of card data and retry logic. Never lose a sale.

Trials and Discounts

Offer customers a sample of your product before they make a purchasing decision to improve their loyalty and trust.

Subscription-based pricing has become one of the most popular forms of billing. Let’s take a look into the biggest subscription-based services in the world today.

For years now, subscription services/recurring billing models have gained popularity with no signs of slowing down. As a result, subscription billing is prevalent in almost every industry as it is quick and convenient for customers.

If your business specializes or offers recurring/subscription billing, you will need a merchant account that is tailored to your subscription needs.

This article will break down subscription merchant accounts and why we believe we are an excellent fit for your payment processing needs.

Since subscription services exist in most industries, you might be surprised to learn that they are all considered high-risk. The main reason they are deemed high-risk is due to chargebacks. 

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