companies getting serious about in 2020

Big companies, often the target customers for startups, live in a much more near-term world. Here are the top five things that fell into the “learning and exploring” cohort, in ranked order: Blockchain. Augmented reality/mixed reality. Virtual reality. AI/machine learning. Wearable devices. Fintech Which emerging technologies are enterprise companies getting serious about in 2020? By Scott […]

German fintech Wirecard collapses amid fraud allegations

A Bankrupt Fintech’s Big Sponsor German fintech Wirecard collapses amid fraud allegations. JULY 27, 2020 Author: MARK TOWNSEND More than 100 potential bidders lined up to acquire parts of Wirecard, Germany’s erstwhile fintech darling, which collapsed into insolvency with debts of €3.5 billion in June warning that €1.9 billion was missing from its balance sheet and […]

How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

With the growing popularity of virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant, the way people use the internet to search for information is undergoing a dramatic change. These days, the average person seeking information is much more likely to use voice search to ask a question in plain language than type a few […]

The Future Of Payments: Fintech 50 2022

  Fintech is a booming industry that’s on everyone’s mind, especially investors. According to CB Insights, the space has raised $13.4 billion in the first quarter of 2021. Meanwhile, San Francisco-based stock trading app Robinhood recently filed for IPO and demand for shares has some believing the company’s valuation could approach $40 billion. The explosion of fintech […]

Make money as Banking & Credit Card Processing Sales Agent

In order to be a successful credit card processing sales rep, consider following these helpful and effective suggestions. There are unfortunate stereotypes associated with salespeople, and credit card processing salespeople (and the companies that support them) are saddled with the very worst of them. Most merchants who have been accepting credit cards for any length […]

Payoneer acquires optile

As the world of digital payments continues to wait and see what kind of impact cryptocurrencies will have on the wider market (if any), consolidation continues apace among those that have built tools for today’s payment needs. Payoneer — a provider of cross-border payment services to millions of businesses in some 200 markets that’s valued […]

Microsoft launches Project Bonsai

Microsoft launches Project Bonsai, its new machine teaching service for building autonomous systems Project Bonsai speeds the creation of AI-powered automation to help improve product quality and efficiency while reducing downtime. At its Build developer conference, Microsoft today announced that Project Bonsai, its new machine teaching service, is now in public preview. If that name sounds […]