Digital Payments for Cannabis

    Are “Cashless” ATM/PIN Debit Solutions Legal for Cannabis Purchases? ken ramirez Cashless ATM PIN Debit The COVID-19 global pandemic changed the way many US cannabis merchants and operators conduct business, especially concerning providing customers a safe and contactless way to purchase their products. In response, many cashless payment solutions have been implemented in […]

Neobank threat is on the rise

  The neobank threat is on the rise—but incumbents already have enough ammunition to meet it Article by Greg Magana  |  Sep 17, 2021 Digital banks are driving customers to their ranks, from awareness to account opening, with digitally native marketing strategies and value propositions. Streamlined account-opening flows are helping them close the deal. The ranks of digital-only bank account […]

Society will go cashless

US investors split on when society will go cashless   More than a third of US investors believe people will stop using cash sometime in the next five years, with 12% of those investors expecting this change to come within a year. But don’t start depositing your dollar bills just yet—35% think society will never go completely cash-free.