American Cannabis Laws American Cannabis Laws Cannabis distribution and possession are now illegal at the federal level in the United States. The legal cannabis sector in the United States has particular challenges because of this. However, a number of states now allow the legal use of cannabis for a number of things. Visit the individual state pages […]

How Credit Cards Payments Online work?

eDataPay credit Cards and ACH Payment Gateway How payments work? Millions of credit card transactions occur each day around the world. More than 70,000 per second. Yeah that’s a lot.  So how do Credit cards, ACH, e-Checks payments work? There are five basic players.  – You, – your bank, – your customer, – your customer’s bank and […]

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Restaurant point of sale POS system

Restaurant point of sale (POS) system When launching a restaurant, coffee shop, or other foodservice business, your choice of a payment processor will be very consequential. From the amount you pay toprocess credit card transactions to compatible POS systems to mobile cardreaders, your processor will have to meet your business needs and accommodateyour goals. eDataPay’s POS […]


eDataPay Merchant Payment Processing & Credit card services  Welcome to the eData Bankcard channel, this is part of our new monthly news! Adam Elisha,   We are going to be reviewing today the basic services eDataPay merchant processing credit card processing services can fulfill today.   Our website is eDataPay is a company based […]