eDataPay Group have it’s European team specialize in Adult high-risk merchant processing we customize each solution based on the needs of the businesses. It is very important to have a right payment provider for your processing needs as this decides the future of your online business.



When seeking an ideal solution for adult merchant processing, which includes online dating, strip clubs, adult book stores, novelties, toys, and websites that require memberships for pornography, it can be a tedious process to successfully accept debit and credit cards.

An adult merchant account works like a bank account for your online store. As your customers purchase items from your website, the payment gateway transmits key information to your merchant account. After verifications and exchanging key data, the payment is transferred over and you see your revenue grow.

In some industries, such as those who need adult merchant accounts, it is difficult to just walk into a local bank and get a loan. There are many regulations and a process to follow first.

Adult merchant services

The adult industry is branded as high-risk for several reasons. One of them is that the number of chargebacks. The adult show business is one among the foremost successful and continually growing fields within the world and is liable for earnings upwards of $97 billion per annum.

The fact is, if the banks and credit card processors find even one reason to place any type of business in a high-risk category, they feel that the company is too much of a risk and that they have good reason to turn them down for a merchant account.

Covid’s 19 effect on adult industry

The stress, isolation, and tedium of lockdown life have prompted huge spikes in overall porn site traffic in recent months, with viewership up by a minimum of 20 percent at some points this spring over an equivalent time period last year. Adult site payment processors “have testified notable high profits” over the same time duration. While much of the business world remains suffering under COVID-19, sex-related businesses are proving countercyclical.

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Many of the world’s largest and well-known banks don’t allow processors to underwrite for adult businesses. Therefore, they need to go to high-risk merchant account providers, like eDataPay.com . The provider’s underwriting team reviews the application, which can be completed in minutes eDataPay.com provides helps general e-commerce companies increase their bottom lines by offering versatile payment solutions. We strive to get you the best offers available in the market.




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