Does your adult payment gateway turn you off?  We are the adult payment processor you need to grow your online business and accept credit card payments.

From novelties and toys to adult books and magazines, we have the adult merchant account solutions you’re looking for.

We offer payment solutions such as adult merchant accounts and other high risk merchant … each business may be required to provide different documents.

In the United States alone, the adult entertainment sector is worth billions of dollars. If you’re a retailer of adult toys and products, you’re well aware that demand for your items is consistent from one quarter to the next. It’s a simple matter of providing the products and services that your consumers want to take advantage of that demand. This includes accepting credit and debit cards to make payment as simple and convenient as feasible.

Adult entertainment firms are avoided by banks and credit card processing providers since doing business with them is against their official organizational standards. Adult entertainment is too risky for some vendors, while others simply don’t want to be linked with it. The bad news is that those vendors are missing out on a big portion of revenue from one of the world’s greatest businesses. One that grows every year. That, on the other hand, is fantastic news for us. We’re glad to partner with adult entertainment businesses to provide credit card processing and other merchant services. We want your company to flourish, regardless of the industry you’re in or if you need high-risk credit card processing.

How to Comply with the Law (Section 2257)

Businesses that Sell Sexually Explicit Materials
What steps do you take to ensure that your adult industry firm complies with 2257? The primary areas in which you’re expected to maintain compliance are listed below.

Make a list of the specifics.
For each artist, you must keep track of the following information:

Any additional names used, as well as the legal name
Year of birth
Photo identification issued by the government
You must also keep track of the following information about the production:

a copy of the performance
The year in which the film was first released
The URL linked with the image (if online)
Storage and upkeep of records
These records must be indexed and cross-referenced by name by adult content creators. Associated with


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