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Affiliate ISO Partner

Affiliate ISO Partner

Edata Commerce offers an attractive and highly profitable Reseller Program

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Some Reasons Why Our Customers are Happy

Our success is the results of shared goals. This is why we designed an extremely flexible ISO agent reseller program that gives you what you need and gives your merchants the ability to meet their specific needs.

Edata ISO Program Benefits

Why Edata ISO Merchant Services?

As one of North America’s largest payment processors, we have been helping organizations streamline their payments processing for over 40 years. Edata provides payment processing for more than 450,000 North American merchants and processes more than 3 billion payment transactions annually. With our large client base and years of experience, we have acquired vast knowledge in key industries as well as a broad range of technological investments. We are well equipped with the tools to promote your ISO success.

ISO Solutions

From our dedicated customer service teams to our wide array of equipment and products, Edata has an answer for nearly every merchant payment processing need. Besides having our own Proprietary Platform, Gateway and niche solutions (which reduce operating costs and can increase your revenue), we have strong relationships with some of the best equipment and software companies in the industry, allowing you to meet a variety of terminal and processing needs.

ISO Benefits

A relationship with Edata offers many benefits to make doing business with us easy and rewarding. With our web-based residual reporting tool you have access to full and summarized income and expenses. These detailed reports help you identify profitable merchants and spot revenue opportunities. Our proprietary Merchant Application Processing System (MAPS) keeps you connected through every step of the account boarding process. You can track your ISO merchant applications as they go through the system and respond to pending issues in real time. These are just a few examples of many online reporting and processing systems that Edata provides to keep your entire portfolio, merchant and application information at your finger tips.

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