Affiliate Marketing Merchant Accounts

Are you looking for payment processing for your affiliate marketing platform?  You’ve landed in the right place. Payment Gateway provides payment processing accounts to affiliate marketing programs in the US and world-wide.

  • Low Rates.  Our goal is providing you with low rates & top-notch technology.  Contact us today for a no-obligation rate comparison.
  • US and International Acquiring Banks.  Wide choice of banks ensures high volume processing capacity.
  • Multiple payment methods.  Accept all debit and credit card brands. Accept electronic checks to get more sales from US buyers.  Add “in-country” alternative payment methods to get more sales from international customers.
  • Multi-Channel Payment Processing.  Integrate payments with your website to sell online.  Accept payments from cell phones.  Easily accept mail / phone (MOTO) orders.  Batch upload large files for rapid bulk processing.
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS Affiliate Marketing Payment Gateway.  Safeguard your business and your customers.  Military grade data encryption protects sensitive payment data.
  • Fraud-Fighting Tools.  Quickly identify good transactions while rejecting fraudulent ones.  Set aside questionable orders for review.
  • Chargeback Protection Services.  Chargeback prevention helps you stop chargebacks before they occur. Chargeback mitigation services help you fight chargebacks you can win. Add 3D Secure to offload responsibility for some chargebacks back to the card brands.
  • High Volume Merchant Accounts.  Establish a single high-volume merchant account.  Or set up multiple accounts to help mitigate processing risk.


What are Affiliate Marketing Merchant Services?

Affiliate marketing is popular way to sell products & services by working with other companies (“affiliates”) to market products & services in exchange for a commission on each sale.  Affiliate marketing is based on pay for performance.  There is no upfront marketing expense for the company using affiliates to sell their products.  Commissions are paid only once a sale is made. Therefore, affiliate marketing is an attractive, low-cost method generate more sales.

Payment processing is the most important part of a successful affiliate marketing program.   The best marketing program in the world does you little good if payments cannot be processed.

Merchant services for affiliate marketing businesses include payment processing for all debit cards, credit cards, electronic checks, and “in-country” alternative payment methods.

Affiliate Marketing Classified High Risk Merchants

Acquiring banks consider affiliate marketing as high risk merchant accounts.  The reason is that the marketing model adds an intermediary between the payment processor and the merchant.

Statistically, companies using affiliate marketing have a greater likelihood of chargebacks than do standard risk businesses.  Since affiliates are doing the marketing, affiliate marketing platforms have less control over how the products are presented to buyers than with direct sales.  Adding to this, increasing use of mobile technology makes fraud prevention even more challenging.

Fraudulent transactions drive up the risk of chargebacks.  Strong fraud protection is included in all affiliate merchant accounts to help protect your payment processing merchant


How Affiliate Marketing Platforms Keep Chargebacks Low

Selecting reliable affiliates is the first step to controlling risk.  Yet, you will still need to pay careful attention to chargebacks.  Losses from chargebacks can quickly erode profits made from affiliate marketing.  And too many chargebacks can cause the loss of your payment processing accounts.

If the chargeback rate increases as affiliate sales rise, the first step is to figure out what the predominant reason is for the chargebacks.

Fraud is the most common reason for affiliate marketing chargebacks. The payment gateway used for affiliate marketing merchant accounts is the first level of defense against fraud.  Enabling the built-in fraud-fighting tools goes a long way in preventing chargebacks.  Additionally, affiliate marketers implement early warning systems and chargeback mitigation services to help control chargebacks.

The second major reason for chargebacks is that cardholders claim that products or services received were “not as described.” If the merchant receives an increased number of “not as described” chargebacks, it can indicate that an affiliate partner is providing an inaccurate or exaggerated description of the services or products. Common tactics include misleading testimonials and bait-and-switch techniques.

Once identified, you can work with the affiliate & help him comply with your marketing guidelines. Or you may find it is better to terminate the affiliate to protect your payment processing accounts against chargebacks.


Affiliate Marketing Merchant Accounts

Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to generate sales.  Yet, your success depends on having the proper payment processing accounts in place. specializes in high risk processing.  Affiliate marketing merchants are welcome.

Not all high risk processors accept affiliate merchants.  Therefore, it is important to make sure that the chosen payment processor accepts affiliate marketing prior to making an application.  Some unscrupulous merchant account providers approve accounts only to have it terminated once the bank realizes that the account is for an affiliate marketer.  This is a nightmare you don’t want to experience.

eDataPay affiliate merchant accounts are available to provide you with the processing capacity you need to operate and grow your business.  Special programs help you control chargebacks, protect your accounts, and keep your business safe.


Applying for Affiliate Marketing Merchant Services

Applying for payment processing for your affiliate marketing platform is always free, with no obligation.  A dedicated account manager assists you through the application process to get your account approved quickly.

To apply, you submit an application along with supporting documentation about your business.  Supporting documents include:  Color copy of passport or driver’s license for the signer on the account; business bank statements; payment processing history; and details about the business entity.  Processing history showing a at least $50,000 per month is required to qualify for an affiliate marketing merchant account.  No startups are accepted.

US and international affiliate companies are welcome to apply. US accounts take 3-7 days for approval. International affiliate marketing merchant accounts take 14-21 days for account approval.


Account Approval for Affiliate Marketing Merchant Services

The main goal underwriters have when reviewing applications for affiliate marketing platforms is assessing risk.  To do so, underwriters, examine previous payment processing history, review bank statements, and look at websites.

Naturally, it’s wise to have a signer on the account who has good personal credit.  If credit is not great, adding a cosigner with good credit will help with account approval.

Banks statements are examined to confirm there is enough working capital available to support the processing volumes being requested.  Payment processing history is reviewed with an eye on chargebacks.  If chargebacks are low, that’s great.  If chargebacks are edging up, it’s helpful to include an explanation along with steps you are taking to bring chargebacks under control.

Make sure all pages & links on websites load quickly and display properly.  For membership sites, provide a demo or test login so the underwriting team can see what customers see.   Privacy, refund and other policies should be clearly displayed on the sites.

Underwriters sometimes “cold call” phone numbers or email customer support.   If the call goes to voice mail, identify the name of the company and when the caller can expect a call back.  If autoresponders are used for email, include the same information.

These days, underwriters often search for company reviews.  Do this yourself so you can see what’s out there. If there are negative reviews, respond in a positive and professional manner.  This shows that your company cares about customers’ experiences and you are proactive in maintaining a good reputation online.  Of course, you can’t control everything on the internet.  Simply do the best you can to have your business viewed in a favorable light.

Once the underwriting team approves the account, your MID (merchant identification number) is issued.  You’ll receive a secure email from the affiliate marketing payment processing gateway with login credentials.  And you can begin processing immediately.


Reasons to Choose eDataPay for Affiliate Marketing Merchant Services

Affiliate marketing companies in the United States and throughout the world use our services to successfully establish affiliate marketing merchant accounts.  Here are some of the reasons:

  • Extensive Bank Network   Acquiring banks are located in the US and internationally.  Establish a single account.  Or set up multiple accounts to mitigate processing risk.
  • High Volume Merchant Account Specialists.  Quickly obtain the payment processing capacity you need for your business.
  • Multiple Payment Methods.  Accept all debit and credit card brands.  Add “in-country” alternative payment methods to boost sales.
  • Fraud Protection.  Controlling fraud is important for affiliate marketing platforms.  Customizable fraud-fighting weapons can be automated or controlled manually to help protect you against fraud..
  • Secure Affiliate Marketing Payment Gateway Military-grade encryption for safe transaction processing.  Compliant payment processing protects your business & your customers.
  • Superior Customer Service.  Highly trained representatives are dedicated to your success.  Get the help you need when you need it.
  • Robust Reporting.  Wide array of reports in multiple formats. Simplify management with quick access to all payment processing data.
  • Shopping Cart, CRM, Accounting Integration.  The affiliate marketing payment gateway is integrated to most major shopping carts, CRM and accounting systems.  Speed time to market while reducing development costs.



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