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Determining which marketing
strategy is best for your business
can be a challenge. We share with
you some ideas and marketing
tactics that can help you restrategize and stay afloat during
these challenging times.

As businesses and their teams
adjust to remote working,
marketers should also learn
how to navigate this new way of
working. This could mean moving
away from areas that are no
longer an option.

  • The marketing world is faced with new realities:
    What Now?
    How should we be reaching out to our customers?
    Where should we invest our resources?
    Should we change our focus and where we spend our marketing dollars?
    How should we be working with our teams and our colleagues across the business?
    How are we going to stay in the business?
    Should we change our strategy? How exactly?
    How can we support our family, friends, communities and planet?
    Where to cut spending, and where to hold it s


The intercontinental spread of the
new coronavirus in recent weeks
has left many offices inaccessible
and companies are rushing to find
ways to keep operations humming.
Organizations worldwide are facing new realities, five months on
from the first identified Covid-19
case in China.

Companies are faced
with new responsibilities, including making work-at-home setups a
requirement rather than an option.
As consumers spend more time at
home, businesses are seeing a shift
to online shopping.

Case in point: 55% of Chinese
consumers are believed to
likely permanently buy more
groceries online. This is the
new reality for everyone –
including marketers.

The constraints imposed on people’s movements add
to the struggle experienced by marketing and sales
teams when reaching out to customers.
Businesses that work to genuinely address customer needs can
strengthen relationships.
Create new client persona
Identify their current needs sustenance, belonging, safety, health, wellbeing
Understand their new needs productivity, connectivity, learning
Recognize new consumer sentiment increased online shopping, staying home more
often, canceled travel plans
Develop marketing plans addressing
all of the above
digital, content, empathetic marketing