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Conventional CRM solutions often don’t deliver on their promises and very rarely build extraordinary customer relationships for three reasons:

1) Sales and support people find them too cumbersome to use
2) It’s too difficult to adapt them to the needs of your individual business
3) They are too expensive to put in the hands of every customer-facing employee.

The result: companies spend a lot of money on solutions that are unable to deliver complete views of the customer, have low adoption rates and are not fit for purpose to truly enable extraordinary customer relationships.

The biggest asset banks have in winning and retaining their customers their reputation for trustworthiness and stability. Trust for new financial services does not occur at the speed of technology. So how do banks leverage the existing relationships they have with their customers?

A new reality for banking

To keep pace with the market they need to constantly evaluate whether their financial system can meet the technology and data security needs. Also, changing regulatory requirements require banks to be compliant in terms of protecting their customer’s sensitive data. Banks can no longer afford to use legacy systems that are ill equipped to deal with modern day requirements.

Sugar is the industry’s most highly customizable CRM platform based on open technologies. Only eData Banking Suite CRM gives users the level of flexibility needed to truly create differentiated, winning customer experience strategies. Whether your software is deployed on site, in the cloud, or on-demand, eData Banking Suite CRM offers the same level of functionality, customization and integration with third party systems and tools.

You will be able to support extraordinary customer relationships knowing that eData Banking Suite CRM will integrate with your existing systems and emerging technologies. Using Sugar, you will be able to accomplish the following:

  • easily integrate with legacy core systems that no longer meet your requirements
  • continue to support regulatory compliance by securing your customer data
  • deploy your financial information on a software platform on premise or on the cloud
  • easily integrate with third party data sources
  • customize your application to improve user experience through a highly customizable platform based on open technologies
  • seamlessly adapt to the needs of your business.

Building the customer-centric bank

eData Banking Suite CRM is in a unique position to enable banks to integrate with their legacy data sources and create a business model that will protect and grow their existing customer base. With eData Banking Suite CRM banks can build a scalable platform that will easily integrate with the new financial software applications in the future. Rather than get left behind banks can now embrace innovation and use technology as a powerful enabler to improve customer experience and reduce cost. eData Banking Suite CRM will help you to understand how to think of your business from the customers’ point of view.

Also, designed with the individual in mind, eData Banking Suite CRM offers the most innovative and intuitive user experience on the market. Using eData Banking Suite CRM  modern and immersive interface, every customer-facing employee can effectively engage with customers benefitting from a consistent eData Banking Suite CRM experience regardless of the access point or device used. Embedded collaboration tools help break down departmental silos and increase engagement and service levels. Best of all, Sugar provides contextual intelligence from internal and external data sources – all within a single dashboard – to drive more actionable insights for every user.

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