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Best Merchant Accounts for Telemarketers

Best Merchant Accounts for Telemarketers

Call Centers are one of the best way to confirm, build a trust and getting the sell businesses need. eDataPay and Billing services know that telemarketing is commonly considered a high risk business type. But this doesn’t mean that telemarketers can’t accept credit cards. If you run an inbound or outbound telemarketing business, you can possibly open a merchant account through our high risk merchant account providers. Our High risk team and their bank card providers specialize in hard-to-place business types and often have Onshore and offshore banking relationships that enable them to serve merchants that are considered “high risk.” They may charge higher-than-average rates for their service, but they can also be a valuable resource for businesses that otherwise have very few options.

eDataPay offer MOTO processing solutions, with US banks and processors also with  offshore international merchant accounts providers, exclusive online marketing tools, and other useful security products and services for operating your telemarketing business.

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