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Business funding options

Business funding options

Get a wide variety of flexible financing & business funding options without the hassles.
#1 Online Business Loan Provider. Get Business Funds in as Little as 10 Minutes.
Small businesses often need capital to grow. This funding can come from a variety of sources.
The best way to get capital to grow your business

Bootstrapping. …
Loans from friends and family. …
Credit cards. …
Crowdfunding sites. …
Bank loans. …
Angel investors. …
Venture capital…
Government-backed loans and funding programs…

And More…

Small Business Loans

Get your client to finance the product and services you sell or do and double your business

Simple and Fast Business Capital From
$500 – $1,000,000
One Stop
Best Offers
Free Application
No Obligation
Starting at 0% APR
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Grow Your Business
Grow your business by offering financing to your customers or patients. The data clearly shows consumer financing is a strong growth engine.

How It Works
Getting your customers or patients set up with financing is a quick and easy three step process. Let us walk you through it!

eData Capital Platform will introduce you to easy Platform and will enabling the connection between consumers and loan providers
eData Merchants Business Capital Qualification Form
Up to $100,000
Loan Amounts
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Up to 84 months
Repayment Terms
We’ll instantly match you with the best offer

As low as 580
Challenged Credit Accepted
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