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Collide – Monetize Your Content, Interactions, and Expertise

Collide – Monetize Your Content, Interactions, and Expertise

Collide – Monetize Your Content, Interactions, and Expertise | NewsWatch Review

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Creators source income from their content and distribution channels, but most haven’t tapped into earning from their interactions.

Collide is a new platform for creators to monetize their content, interactions, and expertise without needing millions of fans to get started.

If you’re a small creator, you have very few options to get paid so what’s generally done is to cover as many platforms as they can. The real problem with that is it dilutes themselves, dilutes their fans, they end up getting paid less – essentially, they go into the “death spiral” they do a lot of the work up front and find out that it’s a lot of administrative work and then all of a sudden they stop creating.

A creator can get started on Collide easily by heading to collide.com and signing up – it takes at most a minute. However, this isn’t where it begins, it begins with your fanbase as well as your userbase such as finding out, “What do they want? and What do you have that’s inspiring?” You start with this and then begin populating your profile with content, start deciding on your business plan, creating your levels of interaction, and then invite friends and family so you can start building your fanbase.

Collide has several features that have currently come out and looking forward to more features in the future that can help creators monetize more and have more control over their future.

In the community of creators, it’s difficult to get paid and when you think of getting paid, credit card companies take it away from you. Collide’s model is an effort to absorb that problem and the creators don’t.

Get busy earnin’ today on collide.com.

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