Cybersource is a payment service provider. The company lets customers process online payments, streamline online fraud management, and simplify payment security.

eDataPay team is working with this provider in the EU. Cybersource has reliable product and strong support but is not pushing the envelope. Foster City, California-based Cybersource has a long history as a payment gateway helping merchants accept payments online. In 2007, it acquired, an SMB-focused gateway.

In 2010, Visa acquired Cybersource. It has been revamping its go-to-market and has a clear vision for its
near-term priorities. Specifically, it will continue its push into the SMB market and integrate its Payworks point-of-sale acquisition to bring in-person and online payments together to support its
merchants with omnichannel payments. Cybersource now needs to put momentum behind driving
Given its history and market share, chances are that Cybersource already has a prebuilt integration into its prospects and merchant customers’ existing software stack, or vice versa. Its unique position of being owned by Visa underscores security and long-term viability, but it also raises customer expectations on performance and data insights, which it doesn’t always meet.
Cybersource’s real strength is its people. Reference customers were effusive, citing the “very strong relationships” they have with the account management and customer support teams, who
have a “long standing in and knowledge of the payments industry” and “go above and beyond” to deliver “excellent service.” Cybersource is a best fit for digital-first or digital-dominant merchants that want a reliable platform and the support of an experienced relationship team.

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