Discover is one of the major global credit card brands in the World. Discover (+Diners) has around 110 million cardholders worldwide, 55 million in the US. Discover cards can also be used for online purchases and act similar as MasterCard and Visa.



Discover Card is one of the most recognized brands in U.S.. In 2008 Discover bought Diners Club International card and its global acceptance network. When shopping online, a Discover cardholder enters their credit card number, expiry date and CVV2 (3-digit security code). Discover credit card rates lay between 2.5 – 4% per transaction. Discover ecommerce transactions are not guaranteed to merchants due to the possibility of fraud or cardholder disputes (chargebacks). Merchants that accept Discover cards online can use their 3D Secure solution, called Discover ProtectBuy, preventing fraud and protecting Discover sales. Discover expands its card base through partnerships and collaboration with (for example) BC Card in South-Korea, Dinacard in Serbia and RuPay in India. These cards act as Discover cards when used for cross-border purchases. See below for Discover card Payment Service Providers supporting ecommerce merchants to accept Discover payments.

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