Payment Gateway

The eDataPay Payment Gateway facilitates the global processing of payments.

We are going to be reviewing eDataPay merchant processing credit card processing services.

For individuals seeking to facilitate international payment acceptance and seeking a dependable solution to manage such transactions, the EDataPay Global Payment Gateway presents a suitable option. Through a unified integration, it is possible to facilitate online and in-store payment acceptance on a global scale, encompassing a wide range of countries and supporting transactions in more than 50 different currencies.

eDataPay is a company that can get you access to processing credit card transactions at extremely low rates. And, especially if your business will fall under a high risk business category, and you’re unable to get access to a credit card processor eDataPay could get it done.

eDataPay is a company that can get you access to processing credit card transactions at extremely low rates. And, especially if your business will fall under a high risk business category, and you’re unable to get access to a credit card processor eDataPay could get it done.

The following is an explanation of the functioning process:

When a customer engages with the “buy” button on your website.

Users navigate to a designated payments page, which may be housed on the website, in order to input their payment information.

The payment information are transmitted by the EDataPay Global Payment Gateway to the issuing bank for the purpose of obtaining authorisation, using the appropriate acquirer and card scheme.

After receiving authorization, our Payment Gateway proceeds to transmit the approved transaction back to your system.

It is possible to provide confirmation to the consumer regarding the successful completion of the payment.

The payment transaction has been safely processed within a brief duration of time.

The platform serves as a means for accessing and engaging in international electronic commerce.

The ability to receive payments from many regions globally presents a significant potential for growth and expansion. The EDataPay Global Payment Gateway facilitates rapid and secure expansion of your organization by providing a unified integration to global marketplaces.

The utilization of our Global Payment Gateway enables individuals to access this potential in a manner that is both expeditious and safeguarded. Through a single integration, our platform empowers you to conduct business confidently from any location around the globe. 

Enable global payment processing

  • Advocate for the expansion of vendors in the worldwide market.
  • Accelerate the time required to bring a product or service to the market and efficiently expand operations as per demand.
  • Provide globally preferred payment solutions for buyers.
  • It is imperative to provide a comprehensive range of payment methods across various marketplaces.
  • Facilitate transactions, engage in commerce, execute financial transactions, and receive compensation in a manner that aligns with your preferences.

The EDataPay Payment Gateway is designed to assist users in fulfilling essential requirements.

The term “coverage” refers to the extent or scope of something being addressed or included.

Our platform provides access to a vast network of over 200 acquirers and processors across more than 160 countries and territories. Additionally, it enables the acceptance of payments in a wide range of over 50 currencies.

The concept of reliability refers to the consistency and dependability of a measurement or research instrument.

The EDataPay Global Payment Gateway is constructed using Visa’s very advanced infrastructure. With a 99.999% uptime, the potential risks to your brand reputation or financial performance are significantly mitigated.

The concept of speed refers to the rate at which an object moves or the distance it covers

The concept of flexibility refers to the ability to adapt or adjust to changing circumstances or conditions.

Our platform offers the capability to establish connections with preferred existing partners, allowing users to modify their payment methods and acquirers as desired, with the flexibility to make changes at any given time.

A singular financial transaction resolution

The EDataPay Payment Gateway is an integral component of a comprehensive suite of payment services that can be accessed through a unified integration process.

The value of  99.999% Up Time globally

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