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eDataPay.com Miami Offer Merchants Same Day Funding

eDataPay.com Miami Offer Merchants Same Day Funding

eDataPay.com Miami Offer Merchants Same Day Funding

Beat the Banks and win more high volume Retail and Restaurant Merchants by offering eDataPay’s new Same Day Funding Option.

Available on eDataPay’s Bank Program on TSYS platform- Merchants who settle their batch by 8AM EST receive funds Same Day by 1PM. Batch out by 2PM Daily, receive funds Same Day by 5PM, this is 5 hour funding, available to all eDataPay Card Present Merchants processing on eDataPay select Banks.   FAST PASS FUNDING-Powered by Netevia-Get Faster Access To Your Funds “Batch Out by 8AM ET, Receive Funds in the Bank by 1PM ET.” Poynt Smart Terminal     Place for $29.95 month each additional unit Place for 39,95 month with Poynt Cash Discount App

  • 36 Month Poynt Placement
  • Poynt Cash Discount App as low as -$9.95 month
    • Includes Compliant Cash Discount-3.99%
    • Eliminate Merchant Processing Fees-90%

Contact  eDataPay: info@edatafinancialgroup.com +1-561-395-9554,   eDataPay Mynt Full POS with Cash Discount only $89.95 month per terminal Automate your merchants business, improve order entry, control Inventory and more while reducing processing fees, ideal for both Retail and Restaurants.   MYNT Smart POS-, Fast Pass Funding available on all TSYS certified Terminals and Software.       This is an exceptional deals  to allow our merchant Partners to “Beat any of the Banks rates and service” with a faster funding solution along with exceptional pricing and state of the art POS and Payment Systems, available for Sale, Lease or Placement. Beat the Banks and Make More Money Doing it


  • Available on Verifone, Ingenico and Dejavoo Terminals
  • Available on Poynt, Mynt, Aptito and Aldelo POS Systems
  • Available on Certified TSYS Var applications for Card Present Merchants


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