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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to merchant account services, banks have strict guidelines, and some banks may refuse to work with high-risk businesses.  offers high-risk enterprises merchant accounts and services. Find out the answers to some of the most common inquiries about high-risk merchant accounts.


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Merchant accounts are simple to use once they are set up, and applying for one can be easy with Merchant Services. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the process.
Q.  Is utilizing an IP address to verify my customer’s location reliable and accurate?
In virtually all circumstances, we can geolocate an IP address to a specific place. This does not imply that it accurately reflects your customer’s current location. In places where local taxes are levied (such as the United States), we don’t recommend depending on your customer’s IP address because the IP address location could represent your customer’s ISP (Internet Service Provider), which could be a long way away. The IP address is more likely to accurately reflect your customer’s location in Europe and other regions where countries have a common tax authority.

Q. What is a merchant account?

A. A merchant account is a commercial bank account established by contractual agreement between your business and the financial institutions we represent. A merchant account enables your business to accept credit card payments from your customers.


Q.  What is the difference between ZIP5 and ZIP+4 (ZIP9)? AVS
In the United States, postal codes are referred to as “ZIP codes.” A ZIP5 code is a five-digit basic ZIP code (for example, “94103”) that denotes a mail delivery region. A ZIP+4 or ZIP9 code (for example, “94103-4918”) is a 9-digit extended ZIP code that often denotes a smaller area or a single high-volume mail receiver (such as a company campus).

Q. Do I need a merchant account?
A. You need a merchant account if you want to accept credit cards and increase your revenue. This is for retail, keyed and Internet transactions.

Q. What does an interchange fee entail?
Every payment transaction completed by participating retailers is assessed a fee by Visa and MasterCard. The financial institution that issued the card receives the interchange fee. The merchant’s account gets credited with an amount equal to the transaction amount minus the interchange fee.

Q. How do I apply for a merchant account?
A. Please contact your local Merchant Services representative to find the type of merchant account you wish to apply for. 1-561-395-9554.

Q: What information will I need to provide for a merchant account application?
A: You will need to provide basic information about yourself or your business such as your business name, address, e-mail address, phone number and estimated charge volumes.

Q. Do I need to be a U.S. citizen?
A. Yes, the applicant needs to be a U.S. citizen with a U.S. Social Security number. Non U.S.-based businesses are also accepted but have a different application procedure and a different processing system.

Q. What is the discount rate?
A. The discount rate is the percentage of each sale that is collected by the bank. This is how the credit card processing industry makes its money.

Q. What are chargebacks and how do they work?
A chargeback has no effect on the total amount of tax collected. Tax calculates taxes and keeps track of the total amount collected. When reporting and remitting taxes to tax authorities, we use this record of total tax collected.

For instance, if a transaction costs $100 and the exclusive tax is $10, the total tax collected is $10. We will not lower Tax reporting total tax collected from 10 USD to 0 USD if a chargeback happens.



With simple and economical credit card processing solutions, will assist you in setting up a merchant account for your high-risk business. You can begin processing credit card transactions within 24–48 hours of approval. A high-risk merchant account with  is your best alternative if your organization faces a higher-than-normal chargeback risk.


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