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Forex Merchant Accounts


eDataPay FX Division for USA National and International Options for FX Media companies, News, Forex Education Merchant Accounts:

High Quality and Affordable Forex Merchant Accounts

Multi-Currency Support, High Approval Rate for Forex Merchants

If you are actually in need of a stock brokerage merchant account, you’ve come to the right place. eDataPay also offers high-quality stock brokerage merchant accounts in addition to our forex options.

Payment card processing companies tend to regard retail forex merchant accounts as “very high risk” clients. This is partly due to unscrupulous actions on the part of some forex brokers who over-promised their clients high returns with low risk, or who crossed the line into outright fraud and gambling.

Our forex merchant account package is the ability to accept payments in multiple currencies. You could be able to accept payments in the world’s most popular currencies, including US dollars, British pounds, euros, and more.

Generally speaking, when it comes to any kind of investment service, advice, or consulting, credit card processing companies are very skittish, because of the threat of disputed charges from dissatisfied investors and the potential for fraud.

We work with several acquiring banks that provide stock brokerage merchant accounts to firms worldwide, you can open multiple merchant accounts and manage them all through one user-friendly payment gateway.

In April 2018, Mastercard announced they will regard these Forex and FX operators as high risk and, in a nut-shell require a license to operate in countries where one is available or if not provide legal opinion from a local lawyer where they accept transactions from.

International Trading Platforms.  eDataPay.com Payment processing for Forex trading platforms is available through an extensive ISO, and Banks network of international acquiring banks. High volume international merchant accounts are the processing solution of choice for leading Forex trading platforms that are already integrated with the eData Payments gateways.  In the US, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) banned the use of credit cards to fund Forex trading accounts.  Although US customers can still use their debit cards and can to fund Forex trading accounts.

eDataPay Gateway offer multiple integration options through eDataPay gateways with scalable and robust platforms. You’ll keep trading with a unique and secure International Gateway, ensuring processing 24 /7 service.