How does Bank card Payment Gateway Work?

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In the end it will show up as cash money in your bank account. Online credit card processing services.

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Every day, people all over the world use their credit cards to buy things. More than 70,000 every second. That’s a lot, I agree. So, how do payments with credit cards, ACH, and e-checks work?

There are five main players. You, your bank, your customer, your customer’s bank, and the eData Payment gateway, which links them all, are all involved in a transaction. The first step, which happens when the customer pays, is authorization.

It can be done with a credit card and online purchase, a smartphone, or any other device that is connected. e Data Pay Gateway checks with the customer’s bank in real time to make sure that there are enough funds in the account to cover the transaction. After it’s been checked, a hold is put on the customer’s money. We say, “The money has been taken.”

You can now give or ship your goods or do your service knowing that you’ll get paid. Several safety steps are taken at this time to prevent fraud and make sure the transaction is real. This happens so quickly that by the time you thank your customer, the transaction has already been confirmed.

“Settlement” is the name of the last step. That’s when the customer’s money goes from their bank account to yours, and it can happen as quickly as the same day. And just like that, the exchange is done. The sale is made or the service is done.

You can check, verify, and download your reports by logging in to the eDataPay payment gateway. Congratulations.

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