Law Firm Merchant Accounts – Payment Processing 2022

Law Firm Payment Processing Accounts

The most cost-effective attorney-merchant account programs for solo practitioners and small firms, and the most flexible for medium-sized to large firms. Payment processing that was made for lawyers. EdataPay was the first company to offer merchant accounts for lawyers that follow The American Bar Association's (ABA) and your state's rules for trust accounting. Since we were the first, there are always people who try to copy us. However, our programs are still the best and hard to beat.

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We’ll never take money out of your trust account. All of our programs meet the requirements for accepting credit cards and trust accounting set by the ABA and your state bar.


Our programs allow you to deposit to both your IOLTA for client funds, and your operating account for fees earned. Any fees will only be debited from your operating account. This avoids any commingling issues as well. Some firms have trust accounts in two or more states but only want fees debited from an operating account in one state.

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Adding Surcharges or Convenience Fees!

Yes, when you accept credit cards, you can now pass on some of your costs. As of January 2013, a lawsuit between merchants and the card networks over antitrust was over. You can charge your client for that part of your costs, as well as the discount and transaction fees. Most of the time, the fee for a discount is between 1.65% and 4.00%. This is true for both credit cards and debit cards that don’t require a PIN. Adding a set convenience fee to the transaction is a better way to do this. Your customers need to know that you are adding a convenience fee. Please call us to discuss in greater detail.

We can provide solutions/services to all firms that are operating legally. 

Accepting multiple forms of payment is extremely important for any law firm as different clients may prefer or only be able to pay in a specific manner.

We tailor all of our merchant accounts to benefit our clients specifically. That means that every account we set up could vary depending on the nature of your business.

The firms that we serve, yet aren’t limited to, include the following:

  • Estate planning
  • Family affair
  • Criminal defense
  • Contract
  • Civil litigation
  • Tax defense
  • Government
  • Public interest
  • Malpractice
  • Bankruptcy
  • Digital/media
  • Entertainment
  • Estate
  • Immigration
  • Attorney payment processing
  • Lawyer payment processing

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eDataPay can satisfy clients with different requirements. So don’t waste your precious time on hesitations.