eDataPay Accept Merchants from High Risk Industries




EDataPay Processors, Credit Card Processing and Merchant Account Services is a leading provider for low-cost online internet credit card processing merchant accounts for both Low Risk and High Risk merchants. Our solutions provides merchants with their own merchant account, online processing of all major credit card networks, shopping cart links, virtual terminal, and site enablement.

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Having a merchant account to accept credit cards is vital to both online and offline traditional retail stores, bars, restaurants, and any type of industry where credit card transactions are vital to success.


We Accept Merchants from High Risk Related Industries:

·         Higher Risk Mail Order Web Sites (Tangible Goods)

·         Travel Service – Hotels – Travel Agencies

·         Tobacco/Cigars – E-Cigarettes – Medical Marijuana – Smoke Shop

·         Offshore/International Credit Card Processing

·         Adult Friendly & Sex Toy Merchant Account Provider

·         Merchants Declined or Shut Off (tmf match)

·         Debt Consolidation – Credit Repair – Collection Agencies

·         Strip Clubs – Liquor Stores – Entertainment

·         High Ticket – Chargeback Solutions

·         Good – Poor and Bad Credit History OK

·         Pharmaceuticals / Vitamins / Internet Pharmacy Merchants

·         Dating/Personals Website – Dating Agency Services

·         Higher Volume / Capped / Mail – Telephone Order (MOTO)

·         High Risk Friendly Website Offerings


We Provide the Lowest Rates for Merchants such as:


·         Retail Establishments (in person credit card swipe)

·         Recurring & Monthly Billing Subscriptions

·         Restaurants, Bars, Mobile Food Eateries

·         Wireless Terminals Iphone/Ipad/Android virtual solutions

·         Hotels, Motels and Lodging

·         Seasonal & Craft Vendors, Flea Markets, Temporary Merchants

·         Lawyers/Attorney Offices, Doctors, Clinics, Physicians

·         Professionals, Contractors, New Businesses

·         Mail And Telephone (MOTO) based business

·         Free Terminals, Rate Comparison

·         Small Business / New Companies

·         Internet/Website Payments Credit Card Processing



We Also Offer Processing Services Including Features Like:


Full Featured Payment Gateway Processing

100% Compatible with ALL Shopping Cart/Ecommerce Services

Virtual Terminal: Sale, Authorize, Capture, Void, Refund

Electronic Check Processing (ACH): Sale, Void, Refund

Recurring Billing: Add & Manage Subscriptions

Customer Processing: List, Invoicing, Manage Customers

Tools: Batch Uploads, Transaction Reporting

Website Integration: Direct Post/ API / All Shopping Carts Compatible

Mobile Solutions: Process with Your Iphone/Ipad or Android Device

Simplicity: We make it easy and simple to process transactions



 Important Note: eDataPay generally have a merchant solution for nearly every kind of business including both low and the highest risk merchants.

There are No Application Fees. It is 100% free to apply and be approved!




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