NMI Payment Gateway

NMI Payment Gateway

Full commerce is the future — NMI and eData get you there now. Deliver the best payments experience for your merchants and their customers across every channel and every device: in-store, mobile, online or self-service. All from a single payment gateway platform.

eData Group Media Advertising and Payment service provider department was created and is ready to promote your business and get you more customers you can can bank on.

Partnering with the right payments company is essential for you to provide contactless payment solutions to your merchants.

NMI is a payment gateway and contactless EMV Level 2 Kernel provider with years of contactless experience.

The eDataPay NMI Payment Gateway

Network Merchants Inc., or NMI, helps high-risk merchants who need help collecting credit card payments by providing a payment gateway. NMI makes it easy to handle payment data in a way that fits your needs. It also works as a virtual terminal, which lets businesses accept payments online. The system supports different ways to collect payments, which gives high-risk merchants who need help collecting payments more control.

NMI has some patented features that aren’t found anywhere else, like its multi-merchant account balancing function, which lets you log in once and access more than one merchant account. NMI works well for our high-risk merchants because it is a full-featured payment gateway that works with a lot of different systems.

NMI’s payment processing options include recurring billing, the ability to manage multiple accounts using the eData-ATRI multi-merchant account balancing system, automatic updaters for credit card numbers and expiration dates, and a PCI-compliant customer vault storage infrastructure that lets you speed up the checkout process for returning customers by storing their information safely on NMI’s servers.

Works with a wide range of shopping carts and website designs.

One thing people like about NMI is how flexible it is in general. It can work with any payment platform that a high-risk retailer might use to get paid.

Several shopping carts can be used with the NMI payment gateway. Among these are the shopping carts and software platforms Saas providers,  3dcart, Magento, osCommerce, Limelight,  InfusionSoft, eDataCarts, eData Payment CRM and more…..

NMI can also work with the different Content Management Systems (CMS) that businesses use to make their websites. Some of these systems are Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. NMI encourages clients to have as much freedom as possible when setting up their payment gateways.

Software engineers at NMI are always coming up with new ways for businesses to integrate. Businesses can get more information from NMI about whether or not they can use the gateway with the systems they already have.

What does NMI Payment Gateway stand for?

Network Merchants, Inc., or NMI, is the best service for processing payments for high-risk merchant accounts. It allows for the most customization and integration of any payment gateway on the market. NMI lets merchants accept payments in a variety of ways and places.

Also, NMI handles billions of dollars in payments every year, which is why over 130,000 merchants around the world trust it as their payment gateway authority. NMI payment gateways make it easy for high-risk businesses to accept payments quickly and get paid. This e-commerce tool is often used in card-not-present transactions because it acts as a virtual terminal. The NMI payment gateway makes payment processing easy because the approval and denial processes happen right away.

Payment Processor vs. Payment Gateway

Payment gateways and payment processors work together, but their main goals are different, so they are not the same thing. A payment processor can help a high risk merchant account get paid by a customer’s bank. High risk payment processors work with both banks and card issuers to speed up the payment process. But payment processors don’t have the power to say yes or no to a payment. This causes a transaction in the merchant account to be held up.

Only a high risk payment gateway can approve payments right away. High risk payment gateways are different from payment processors because they can approve or reject transactions right away. A high risk payment gateway both makes it possible for the transaction to happen and decides if it is valid or not. High risk payment gateways let business owners run their businesses however they want because they give merchant accounts quick access to their money.

NMI high risk payment gateways go one step further in payment processing by stopping fraudulent transactions from being approved. Since most online shopping is done without the cardholder being present, this makes it easy for fraud to happen. Since scammers don’t have to swipe a real card, it’s easy for them to make illegal payments over the internet. Still, the immediate validation of a purchase’s authenticity by the NMI payment gateway keeps high risk merchants safer from fraud. The NMI gateway tool’s feature protects not only your high-risk merchant account, but also your inventory and cash flow.

EDataPay can help a high-risk merchant choose between payment gateways and payment processors. As a proud partner of NMI, EDataPay will make you a custom high-risk solution that you can easily add to your website, mobile app, or storefront. Contact EDataPay right away to get a free quote for an innovative NMI solution in as little as 48 hours!

What does NMI have to offer?

High risk gateway services from NMI have no limits on what they can do. When a merchant sets up an NMI gateway with EDataPay, they can use a virtual control panel that is only accessible through the NMI gateway login to access useful features. Merchants can look through the functions and add them to their high risk gateway processor from the virtual control panel. Your NMI payment gateway is perfect for your business because it has a lot of ready-to-use features.

NMI is proud to accept almost every currency in the world, so merchants can take payments wherever they are. The NMI payment gateway can take payments from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner’s Club, Apple Pay, and Discover, among others. Also, the NMI payment gateway makes it easy to set up recurring billing by safely storing customer information and letting merchants schedule payments for the future.

Your high-risk business is easy to run with the NMI payment gateway, which has a unique feature that lets you manage multiple merchant identification numbers (MIDS) under one gateway. With the advanced transaction NMI interface, online orders can be sent through different MIDS so that high-risk inventory can be better managed. Using the advanced transaction interface as a starting point, the gateway keeps track of SKU numbers to make it easier to restock inventory.

Features of a Payment Gateway

You and your merchants will both benefit from becoming an NMI payment gateway partner. They get everything they need to accept payments, plus access to advanced features that will help them grow. You get fewer customers who leave, more recurring income, and tools that make it easier to run your business.

• Accept multiple currencies: Depending on the processor, merchants can accept payments in USD, CAD, and many other international currencies.

• Accept all major payment methods, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, China UnionPay, and JCB.

• Virtual Terminal: This lets merchants accept phone and mail orders by swiping credit cards or typing in payment information from a browser.

• Recurring Billing: This feature makes it easy to set up payments for your merchants that happen regularly.

• Collect Checkout: Our hosted payment page and payment button generator make it easy for merchants to start selling right away even if they don’t have a shopping cart.

• QR Codes: Let merchants make payment links in the form of QR codes to get all the benefits of going contactless quickly and easily.

• Webhooks: Use instant transaction notifications to automate the workflow of reporting.

• Transaction Routing: A single gateway account is used to automatically figure out which MIDs to send transactions to based on active routing directives.

• Batch Processing: This feature lets merchants send files to the platform and handle a lot of transactions at once.

• Product Manager: Makes it easy for merchants to manage their products by letting them easily add and manage product SKUs and keep track of their inventory.

• Gateway Emulator: Move easily from other gateways without having to rework or re-program software or applications.

Most importantly, every high risk NMI payment gateway comes with customer service and security that are well known. A team of more than 180 experts is ready to help merchants with technical and gateway support by phone or email. NMI has features like iSpyFraud and safe data encryption that keep user information private. With the payment card industry compliance security standards feature, merchants can be sure that their processing solutions are in line with the constantly changing rules in place today. Also, the software engineers at NMI are ready to make sure that your gateway has the features that are best for your high-risk industry.

Help for Customer Vault

NMI has a customer vault that is PCI-compliant and stores all secure payment information in a separate encrypted space. In a separate virtual vault, a business can keep card numbers, shipping addresses, routing numbers, and other sensitive information safe. The data can be accessed when needed through a virtual terminal. The data in the vault will only be accessed by the terminal when the business needs it.

The vault will also save customer data and reload it when the right customer logs in and accesses one’s work later. The vault cuts down on the time it takes to check out and makes the process easier, which makes customers more likely to come back to the website later.

Help for processing on mobile devices

Businesses are always looking for new ways to deal with mobile payments. NMI helps with all mobile processing functions, such as handling transactions that are typed in or swiped on Android and Apple devices. NMI can work with any mobile collection platform and accept digital signatures, tip data, and refunds. The system works with all of the major Wi-Fi and cellular networks, and it makes sure that all online data is fully encrypted.

The System for iSpyFraud

The iSpyFraud system is one of the most popular parts of NMI. This rule-based transaction analysis program will block any transactions that trigger any set rules. There are rules about how much you have to pay, how often you have to pay, what your address is, and other things. The iSpyFraud system can be set up by a store to include as many rules as the store wants. The system makes it easier to predict how to handle data.

Businesses can use the many control parameters that come with iSpyFraud. It can ban users based on their country, username, IP address, or credit card number. It can also keep track of customers by how many transactions they do.

Integrations of NMI

The API Functions

NMI also uses a lot of APIs that can be used for a wide range of custom integrations. All of the major programming languages, like Java and PHP, can be used with NMI’s APIs. When needed, a retailer can ask for an API in a certain language. The customer service team at NMI will send the request to the programming department. The programmers will then make a new API for any system that is being planned. The layout gives a business complete control over its experience because it makes it easier for the system to work in the right shape.

NMI has integrations that can help simplify the user interface so that the checkout process goes smoothly. Integrations are done by third-party companies that are trusted and that are experts in certain parts of the checkout process. NMI has good relationships with more than 150 shopping cart integrations that help check-out processes in many different industries. NMI gives merchants hundreds of high risk processors to choose from so they can finish their payment gateway. Use a high-risk processor who is ready and willing to take on the risk of your industry to help with your sales. Processor integrations are made for a wide range of industries to make sure that high-risk merchants are in compliance. Card Connect, Partners, and Pay Anywhere are three of the most well-known high-risk integrations for the NMI payment gateway.

NMI (Network Merchants) gives your merchants all the tools and services they need to accept almost any kind of payment online. This is the best way to accept credit, debit, and eCheck payments.

The NMI high risk payment gateway can be used for more than just online shopping. Because NMI makes it easy to integrate mobile payments and apps, you can really process payments wherever your high-risk business takes you. The NMI payment gateway works well with iOS apps and makes it possible to buy things with Apple Pay with just one click. The software engineers at NMI give merchants a wide range of SDKs and APIs to choose from, so high-risk payment processing gateways are easy to set up on any platform.

How can eDataPay set up your NMI gateway?

eDataPay is the only company that knows everything there is to know about eCommerce, mobile payments, high-risk industries, and international merchant processing. So, we work with one of the most reliable high-risk payment gateway providers in the business. EDataPay is committed to creating the high risk processing solutions your business needs to run smoothly. As people who have worked in high-risk fields for a long time, we know that quality and safety can’t be compromised. At EDataPay, we’re proud to offer NMI payment gateways to merchants at the lowest possible rates.

NMI (Network Merchants) gives your merchants all the tools and services they need to accept almost any kind of payment online. This is the best way to accept online payments by credit, debit, and eCheck. This plugin lets you use the NMI payment gateway to accept credit card and ACH payments directly through the custom forms on your Gravity Forms-powered website, without sending customers to the gateway website.

EDataPay is the best choice for high-risk merchants who want to set up reliable payment gateways. Our team of experts in processing can set up a high-risk merchant account for you in as little as 48 hours. Once you’ve been approved, EDataPay will build a perfect NMI payment gateway for your industry with the latest features and integrations. As a high-risk merchant, every choice you make is important. Trust the experts at EDataPay to keep your high-risk business safe and making money.

NMI will be a good choice for any high-risk retailer that needs a reliable payment gateway. NMI will make sure that a business is safe and secure without putting anyone in danger while they do their work. Because the NMI system is flexible and has a unique design, it gives people more control over the work they want to manage.

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