Payments For Adult Merchants

Adult Merchants Need to Find a Payment Processor

Every company is distinct. Every restaurant, supermarket store, book store, and retail boutique operates in its own unique way. They have their own image, inventory mix, proprietary method, and brand, to name a few things. That “something” that distinguishes them. Businesses nowadays sell their products and services through stores, online, and on the go. The manner in which a company collects payments has become a distinguishing feature. It’s their special sauce. But how do these one-of-a-kind firms go about accepting payments?


It’s rather simple to find a merchant account provider if the company is considered a “mainstream” merchant. The merchant can either create an account with a bank or cooperate with a variety of payment processors. What about “adult” enterprises, though? Is it possible for them to walk into a bank and open a merchant account? Most likely not.


What are the options for “adult” businesses looking for a merchant account?

Getting a merchant account for an adult business is more difficult than getting a merchant account for a mainstream firm. Behind the scenes, there are restrictions and requirements that are largely determined by sponsor banks. You’ll have a hard time finding a major bank ready to fund adult-oriented enterprises. But why is that?


Adult businesses are deemed high-risk and more prone to chargebacks when it comes to merchant accounts. Even within the adult enterprises, some are more prone to chargebacks than others. Online dating sites and adult membership sites, for example, have a higher risk of chargebacks. Because chargebacks are such an important consideration for banks when deciding whether or not to cooperate with a high-risk firm, risk-averse banks avoid working with this type of merchant.


A payment processor can help with this. Finding a payment processor with a sponsor bank that accepts adult businesses is the key to getting an adult business up and running and accepting payments. But who are these adult businesses that we’re discussing?

Adult-oriented businesses include:

Payment processors that specialize in high-risk merchant accounts are available. These processors have spent time and money building connections with sponsor banks that enable them to work with high-risk and adult merchants. However, most high-risk payment processors will only authorize merchant accounts for businesses that are lawfully operating.

For almost 22 years, Payments has been providing high-risk merchant accounts to businesses. We have a team of in-house professionals who can assist you get your adult merchant account approved because we are experts in the high-risk market. Please contact our team of professionals. We’d be delighted to approve you.