Prevent Ad Fraud from Malicious Affiliates

Complete Protection from Digital Ad Fraud, Click Bots, and Fake Leads

Affiliate Marketing Fraud is a tough issue to solve, as affiliates can often have a broad mix of traffic quality masked behind many sources. Imagine if you could accept affiliate traffic from any source and automatically filter out fraudulent clicks? Well with IP Quality Score’s tools for affiliate networks and digital advertisers, it’s entirely possible. Seamlessly filter traffic in real-time to block bots and redirect low quality clicks or impressions which are likely to engage in digital ad fraud abuse and frustrate advertisers. Only send quality clicks verified by eDataMedia Device FingerprintingProxy Detection, & Fraud Scoring services to your advertiser’s tracking links.

Completely eliminate abusive affiliate traffic including residential proxies, bots and non-human requests, automated lead generation completion, and similar types of software employed by fraudulent publishers. While many providers claim to prevent affiliate fraud with similar tactics, they often block a large percentage of legitimate traffic with high false-positive rates. eDataMedia offers a wide variety of custom scoring settings to ensure you never block a legitimate click or user.

Keep your advertisers happy with eDataMedia affiliate fraud prevention. Automatically block & filter the worst quality affiliate traffic and filter invalid clicks from suspicious publishers and brokered channels.