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Clover POS®

Clover POS®

If you’ve spoken with a large bank about processing cards recently, chances are someone mentioned Clover in your presence. eDatapay™ payments processor, First Data, decided to buy out a small Android POS startup and make their go at the tablet market.

The hardware itself is attractive, with that sort of sleek, Apple-inspired sheen that’s so chic in tech these days. Aesthetics are well and good, but the design goes deeper than that. Those aforementioned colored plugs make setup a breeze, and the high-speed printer that serves as the connection hub lives up to its name. Clover’s stand boasts a smoothly swiveling arm that swings the tablet around to allow customers to sign with their finger; twisting as it rotates, the tablet displays in portrait mode for tip and signature while cashiers operate in landscape. It’s all sturdily built, and the printer has additional USB ports for future expansion. To say the least, the standard bundle gets owners started in style.

The Clover with eDatapay™ station is the flagship countertop POS system in the Clover family. It features a swiveling touchscreen display, integrated card reader, camera, and receipt printer.

Clover with eDatapay™ is Ideal for Restaurants, retailers, and personal service businesses seeking a modern, integrated POS system to streamline management.

Clover with eDatapay™ can help you Customize your system just as you want. You can tailor your Clover Station to your business needs with a cash drawer, kitchen printer, barcode scanner, contact less PIN pad, and more all you need is Internet & Wifi Connection. Let eDatapay™ set you up with your Clover System today.

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