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eData Business Loans & Cash Advance

eData Business Loans & Cash Advance

eData Business Loans & Cash Advance


It’s what every business needs yet is so hard to secure, especially in today’s Financial Crisis. For existing businesses, it may also be needed to survive market fluctuations, expand with new equipment or more space, and that’s where eDataPay’s™ suite of cash advance programs can help.

The eDataPay™ program offers:

  • Fast, easy access to working capital for qualified merchants.
  • A business development opportunity for merchants to expand and grow.
  • Numerous programs for all business types.
  • Payback is done naturally with the business’s flow.

eDataPay™ Merchant cash advances are an investment in small businesses. By advancing working capital against future sales, merchants can purchase equipment, expand operations, roll out a new product or cover expenses. It’s free to apply and, unlike most companies, we will utilize the best program for your business’s needs. Depending on the business type, business history and amount of capital requested, we will utilize our different merchant cash advance and loan programs. The eDataPay™ Merchant Cash Advance program is a great way for merchants to get cash fast, with advances paid back as sales come in through a holdback percentage on their future receivables. An eDataPay™. Merchant Cash Advance does not require a fixed monthly payment like a bank loan: the natural flow of a business dictates how much is repaid in a given month. With no collateral, no interest payments and paybacks done on future sales, merchants are able to have an easy way to acquire capital that they do not need to worry about as it is paid back all on upcoming receivables.

The benefits include:

  • Unsecured funds
  • No start-up costs
  • Affordable working capital
  • No interest and no collateral of any sort
  • No restrictions on using your cash
  • No minimum monthly payments
  • Bad credit OK

Looking for a cash advance with a business loan component? A fusion of our eDataPay™. Merchant Cash Advance and eDataPay™ Business Loan, our Hybrid Program is customized to suit your business needs. Funds are repaid through a combination of percentage of the monthly credit card sales and ACH payments.

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