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Hard to place Merchant Account

Hard to place Merchant Account

High Risk Credit Card Processing Services

eDataPay™ Hard to palce Merchant Accounts: Your Search Stops Here!

Credit card processing is essential for any online business to succeed. The problem is that some industries pose a greater risk, often because of high transaction totals, high volume or card-not-present issues. Some electronic processing companies refuse to work with merchants in these industries, making it difficult for businesses to improve sales and provide convenience for their customers

eCommerce and International credit card processing services from eDataPay™ can get your business merchant processing solutions that you need. If your business is considered “high risk”, it could be extremely difficult to find payment processing options. Our risk and sales team solutions enable businesses to process credit card transactions despite having a history of high chargebacks or poor credit. In most cases , we can work with you on new few improvements and marketing practice that will work Through a vast network of domestic and offshore banking partners, we can help you forge the appropriate connections to get your online merchant account. By working with eDatapay.com, Team, The high risk merchants categories are able to process major credit cards such as Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® or American Express® online, over the phone or in person.

Fast Approvals

Once you are approved for an e-commerce merchant account, you may be able to start accepting payments in as little as 1-2 business days. Our in-house merchant account managers work with your new acquiring bank to set up the particulars while our tech team integrates your website with the eData payment gateway.

We work with a broad network of financial approval networks to provide assurances in accepting some high-risk merchant industries.

eDataPay™ works with these restricted legal processing merchants and industries:

Call Blocking, Continuity (free trials), Direct Response, E-Commerce, Startups, Lottery Pools, Marketing-Advertising, Matrimonial Services, Membership Sites, Multilevel Marketing, Multimedia Streaming, PPI Claims, Scholarship Programs, Social Gaming, Tech Support, Telemarketing, and Ticket Agencies.

And More:

  • E-Cig – Electronic cigarette distributors sell an assortment of products, from flavored cartridges to rechargeable and disposable vapes. This industry is strictly regulated, including age limitations on purchases. Merchants can lower their risks by requiring proof of age from those attempting to buy e-cigs.
  • Timeshare – For those involved in timeshares, there are many unknown quantities with transactions. From people renting properties sight unseen to large dollar amounts, the risk is high for payment by credit card. Risk can be lowered by verifying customer identity and working with reputable property owners and timeshare networks.
  • Travel – Companies who handle travel accommodations have clients roaming near and far by boat, plane, train and automobile. High fares and large transactions are enough to put travel agents and companies selling tickets on the high-risk list, as they typically deal in high volume.
  • Event Tickets – From entertainment to concerts to sporting events, merchants selling event tickets have products high in demand. Unfortunately, this industry is known for cancellations and refunds due to bad weather or fluid bookings by some entertainers. Card-not-present transactions are also an issue. Setting stringent policies and striving to minimize chargebacks can help event ticket merchants to increase their credibility.
  • Dating Websites – The dating industry is dedicated to making romantic connections between people who have never met. These transactions are typically made when the credit card is not present, creating a high processing risk for merchants. If there’s a dispute, it can be difficult to prove that the dating service fulfilled its quest to create a romantic connection.
  • Direct Marketing – Marketing via mail or telephone, especially where post office boxes and overseas calls are involved, creates a number of concerns for processing companies. These include high totals and card-not-present transactions.
  • Vacation Rentals – Everybody needs a vacation. Property rental companies rely upon people to show up as scheduled and leave the vacation rental in the same shape as it was received. These transactions are usually in high dollar figures, creating a risk. If a security deposit isn’t returned due to damage, clients may dispute the charge.
  • High Average Ticket – From Broadway to sports, a high average season ticket price puts merchants in a high-risk category. Tickets sold online are also frequently card-not-present transactions.
  • Business Opportunities – Nearly any business can be considered a high risk. Entrepreneurs with poor credit or no credit are risky when it comes to handling credit card payments. Business opportunity risks may also include the type of company and the amount of the transactions.
  • E-Books – Electronic books are based on copyrighted materials, and are at risk for fraudulent activities. They may also be a platform for a high percentage of chargebacks.
  • Telecom – The telecommunications industry is much more proficient with technology than it used to be. However, once services have been provided, recipients may dispute them. Card-not-present transactions are a mainstay for telecom companies.
  • Insurance – Handling Insurance claims and underwriting requires high volume and high-dollar payments to keep customer accounts current. Incidents and claims can cause rates to rise, resulting in disputes and chargebacks. Card-not-present transactions are a common occurrence, creating electronic processing risks with insurance companies.
  • Electronics – Some of the most intriguing new technology on the market comes through electronics merchant and retail businesses. With high price tags and the occasional return, most bank card processing companies consider this a high-risk industry.
  • Furniture Online– Buying furniture online can give customers an exhilarating feeling. It’s easy for them to get caught up in the idea of redecorating their homes. Unfortunately, some impulse buyers change their minds after-the-fact, creating a high-risk state for the e-tail furniture industry.
  • Marketing – Professional companies that provide marketing services often have a fluid client base, handling monthly payments with card-not-available transactions in high dollar amounts. If marketing efforts are unsuccessful, clients may dispute the charges.
  • Jewelry Online – Making your own crafty creations or distributing manufactured jewelry can keep you busy. Because merchants are often small start-ups and the purchaser may not be present, products are sold online to customers in a wide range of places.

Supported E-Commerce Industries: Adult Services, Adult Toys, Adult Videos, Antique Collectibles, Astrology Services, Beauty Products, Binary Options, Bitcoin, Bus Charter, Business Consulting, Call Blocking, Cannabis, Car Services, Card-Not-Present, China Union pay, Collection , Agency, Computer Hardware, Continuity Businesses, Contractors, Cosmetic, Jewelry, Credit Repair, Debt Consolidation, Direct Response, E-Cigarettes, E-Commerce Startups, Educational Software, Electronics, Escort Services, Extended Warranties, Fantasy Sports, Financial Aid Counseling, Financial Services, Fine Jewelry, Forex, Greeting Cards, Gun Parts, HCG, Health Club Memberships, Herbal Incense, HGH, Home Furniture, Hospitality, Imports/Exports, Insurance Brokerage, Law Firms, Lottery Pool, Magazine Subscriptions, Marketing/Advertising, Marriage Services, Medical Collections, Medical Marijuana, Membership Sites, Mobile Apps, MOTO Pharmacies, Moving Companies, Multilevel Marketing, Multimedia Streaming, Nutraceuticals, Online Apparel, Online Auto Parts, Online Casinos, Online Dating, Online Gaming, Online Gambling, Online Poker, Online Retail, Online Wine, Parking Garage, Pawnbrokers, Payday Lenders, Penny Auctions, Peptides, Personal Injury Firms, Pet Supply, Pharmacies, POS Pharmacies, PPI Claims, Satellite TV Repair, Scholarship Programs, Social Gaming, Stock Brokerage, Storage Facility, Tax Services, Tech Support, Telemarketing, Ticket Agencies, Timeshares, Tobacco Businesses, Travel Agencies, Travel Visas, Website Design, Weight Loss, Frequently.

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