Have you been suspended from Shopify?

Perhaps you should discontinue your Shop and processing?

This will be quickly resolved by eData Media and Payments!


All-in-One eCommerce Platform – Sell More Online with eData Media and Payment Group.


Have you been suspended from Shopify? Perhaps you should discontinue your Shop and processing?

This will be quickly resolved by eData Media and Payments!!

With eData Media and Payment Group’s all-in-one eCommerce platform, you can sell more online.


The versatility of WooCommerce is one of its most appealing features. WordPress and WooCommerce are both open-source, which means anybody can copy, alter, or change the source code in any way they choose. Shopify, on the other hand, is a closed source platform that retains complete ownership of its core code.

If you want your life work and business, as well as your custom design shop on Shopify cart and payment processing, removed from your Shopify business platform, call team eDataPay right away. With only a few clicks, you can migrate your Shopify store to eData Media WooCommerce.

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In most cases, you should never wait and should always have a backup and alternate account with eDataPay as a business continuity rule.

Personally, I will never work with a single business platform provider who will have all control over my firm, will act as judge and jury, and will be able to do whatever they want on their platform… (You can see it today all everywhere)… This is not the American way of doing business, and you may be falling for their “free” shopping cart, which is not free and can and will be much more expensive than any other bank; they also do not provide FDIC or business continuity insurance, and at the end of the day, as a business owner, you must be able to work with them and benefit, but never put all your eggs in their basket…

Today, we have a plethora of fantastic real-world options that aren’t prohibitively pricey. You can acquire an account, hosting, and a bank to back you up for less than $24.95 per month…


Your Shopify account is suspended, terminated, or frozen.

We deal with some of the world’s largest banks in the United States and Europe, and they would be glad to take your business.

When Shopify terminates a high-risk merchant account, the most common query is “WHY?” What is a high-risk merchant account, and what does it entail?


It’s time to start working with direct banks and build the kind of connection they want.

When an aggregation merchant account provider, such as Shopify (Stripe or Square), removes you off their platform or freezes your account, it’s difficult to know what to do next. We’re here to help you out.



Being dropped by a large platform like Shopify might be frightening for a business owner. You’re not alone, though.


Where did my high-risk merchant account go? eDataPay eShops Platform and Payments.


For a variety of reasons, a supplier like Shopify may remove or freeze high-risk merchant accounts. First, if you are selling high-risk goods or services without using high-risk merchant accounts or payment processors, Shopify has the ability to remove or freeze your account. If you’re a high-risk Shopify seller, it’s vital that you obey all of the rules and laws that govern your product’s sale. Frequently, high-risk items are highly restricted. For banks and service providers like Shopify, this makes your company a high-risk investment. To avoid this from happening again, you must first understand why your merchant account was terminated. Shopify, which is one of the most well-known, is identical to hundreds of other providers. Dedicated high-risk merchant account providers specialize in a range of industries, allowing you to find the best fit while lowering your chances of being dropped again.


What Exactly Is a High-Risk Business?


High-risk businesses include those that sell products in narrow markets online or in person. Discount rates are frequently extremely high, and security reserves are large. A merchant is classified as high-risk if the industry has a high risk of fraud and chargebacks. The two most risky accounts are those containing adult material or pornography, as well as those containing internet gambling. Both firms require high-risk merchant accounts.

Many more businesses are classified as moderately risky. Even though these companies are historically regarded high risk, they do not qualify for a normal account, thus their credit card processing rates will be higher.


The most common high-risk merchants for Shopify are as follows:


What makes a dedicated high-risk merchant account different from a shared high-risk merchant account?

The company has its own merchant identification number with a separate high-risk merchant account. In contrast to a dedicated account, an aggregate account does not allow a merchant to share a high-risk merchant account with many other firms. A single merchant account is used to handle a full portfolio of high-risk accounts, such as those formed through Shopify. A firm with an aggregate high risk merchant account on Shopify has substantially less control than a business with a specialized high risk merchant account. Transactions between the merchant and the customer are placed directly into the company’s bank account using a high-risk merchant account. The funds from a transaction are sent to the account provider, such as Shopify, and then transferred into the merchant’s bank account through an aggregate high-risk merchant account. Shopify, the all-in-one high-risk merchant account provider, has its own set of rules and can make any changes it wants without your consent.


Having a High-Risk Merchant Account Has Its Benefits

Setting up a merchant account with a provider who specializes in high-risk accounts ensures the security of your business. High-risk account managers are conversant with the territory and unique needs of high-risk companies. Choosing a high-risk provider has the impact of improving service and ensuring secure processing. You can rest easy knowing that your high-risk online business is safe with your specialized merchant account. There’s no need to be afraid about sudden account cancellations jeopardizing your business’s profitability. High-risk merchant account providers are well-versed in the industry’s needs. Account providers like Shopify are unable to provide this degree of expertise in high-risk companies. Merchants who deal with high-risk transactions should use a service that specializes in them.


Taking Initiative


If you’ve been rejected by one of the major aggregate high-risk merchant account providers, such as Shopify, it’ll only be a matter of time until you’re rejected by others. The next natural step is to apply for a high-risk merchant account with a company that specializes in such accounts and can offer you with a unique merchant ID.

Rethinking Your Organization’s Needs


Your business can run effectively while also protecting your assets if you have the right merchant account. If your Shopify account is terminated, any assets left in your bank account may be frozen. Any frozen assets may remain frozen until a high-risk merchant account is formed and verification is supplied. After that, you can transfer frozen assets from your Shopify bank account to your specialized high-risk merchant account.


Establishing a New Account


Finding a high-risk merchant account and payment processor that deals with a range of high-risk industries is essential. To get the most out of your coverage, look for a high-risk carrier with an in-house underwriting team. An in-house underwriting team will assist you and your company in ensuring that you and your organization are depicted in the best possible light before your application is forwarded to prospective banks.

Here’s some information on the firms that make up the eData Financial Group:

Card-not-present (CNP) merchant services are provided by eDataPay Global Processing. The company has created direct acquisition agreements with merchant banks on nearly every continent to support a wide range of online sectors and boost merchant profitability. By pairing merchants with strategic acquiring partners based on industry, risk factors, geography, and target market, EDataPay has been able to increase merchant revenue while lowering total processing costs.


Perhaps the most crucial feature of eDataPay’s hosting and media team members is their versatility. The management team was carefully selected based on their skill sets. As a result, EDataPay has assembled a management team with decades of technical, financial, and merchant experience.



In addition to direct merchant processing, eDataPay offers a number of value-added services. The company developed its own payment gateway technology, which securely transports transactional data from merchant to acquirer and can be integrated with virtually any CRM. EDataPay also works with Alternative Payment Networks to assist retailers in increasing income in places where credit cards aren’t frequently accepted. eDataPay Global Processing has also recently teamed with a number of payment service providers to provide your company a new suite of risk management products, including fraud protection and chargeback mitigation technology.


Even if some older acquirer bankers may consider it a high-risk merchant account, it is the greatest moment to launch an eCommerce online store.

Let’s get this party started.

If you’re a high-risk merchant who’s been using aggregation accounts like Shopify, we can help. We understand how tough it can be to find the right specialized high-risk merchant account at EDataPay.com bankcard and alternative Payments. We know how to perfectly match our clients with the right source because we work in the field. eDataPay.com bankcard Payments offers the lowest prices on the market while keeping the greatest levels of security and functionality.

If your merchant account has been closed and you need a high risk merchant account quickly, apply online right now for a list of customized results depending on your specific needs in as little as 48 hours.