Scale faster by building your business on Stripe’s payment processing platform.

Payment processing software and application programming interfaces for e-commerce websites and mobile applications are the company’s main offerings.

eData Media eCommerce and online Shops design the back end and frontend UI/UX for merchants, with a quick connection to any direct to bank merchant account or 3rd Party providers such as Stripe Payment.

Stripe satisfies tech-savvy retailers and encourages new business models. Stripe is most renowned for its developer-friendly architecture, toolkits, and documentation, which are all situated in San Francisco. Its well-organized product range demonstrates the utility and impact of each product line for its clients. Stripe’s tendency to “show, not tell” — via case studies, analytics, and more — shone out in this examination. Its goal of “raising the internet’s GDP” by assisting businesses in adapting to new regions, business models, and disruptions is in line with the realities that many merchants face. Following its 2018 acquisition of point-of-sale (POS) software firm Index, it is increasing the availability of its Stripe Terminal product outside of Canada, Singapore, and the United States.


Stripe’s product caters to and delights its target market of tech-savvy business professionals. It excels in using data to develop algorithms that increase authorization rates and payment retries. Stripe stands apart in the subscription management space, with a product that competes with third-party tools. It accepts fewer payment options and lags behind certain competitors when it comes to accepting in-person payments. Stripe’s API architecture and documentation, as well as its pro-activeness, were consistently rated as strengths by reference customers: “While some processors are currently evaluating new technology, Stripe has already introduced [them].” Another strength was the reporting tools: Stripe Sigma, the company’s SQL querying tool, was praised as “extremely strong” by one reference customer. Stripe is most suited to technology-forward payment teams, as well as digital-first or digital-only merchants looking to innovate their business model, as well as subscription or platform/marketplace merchants.

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