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eData Financial Group handle all Club membership and High Risk Merchant accounts categories.

 Membership Club Merchants List:

         ·         Fitness Clubs and Gyms

         ·         Cable TV

         ·         Health Clubs

         ·         Internet Providers (ISP)

         ·         Phone Providers

         ·         Educational Institutions

         ·         Subscription magazines, newspapers etc..

         ·         Computer Software

         ·         Senior Care

         ·         Child Care

         ·         Non-Profit Organizations (Recurring Donations)

 ·          Stock Brokerage

And more!!!   

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Make sure customers sign up with ease, and get their regular fix without any interruptions.

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Continuity Subscription Merchants are those that use subscription billing or recurring payments as a billing type. In these cases, the consumer is charged monthly for products or services they have signed up to receive regularly.

eData also help with early stages of a business and provide change management services for more established organizations, resulting in faster return on investment and value.

Being able to obtain a membership club merchant account for your business will make work much easier for you if you are offering a recurring service. By using our online payment gateway you will be able to register clients and set them up with recurring billing. That way you will not have to worry about any transactions, everything will be done automatically.


Some merchants show concern when it comes to proof of payment, as they are afraid cards may be declined and they wouldn’t know about it. Our smart virtual terminal sends automatic alerts when a transaction is made, when a card is decline or not authorized correctly you will receive an automated message that will tell you which client needs to update their billing information.

Continuity Subscription Merchant Services

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