Minimize the impact of processing fees
and increase your bottom line!


Cash Discount

Offset your credit card processing fees up to 99% with our cash discount program.

Benefits of Cash Discount Program:

Surcharging-Convenience Fees-Cash Discount

A cash discount program is designed to encourage customers to pay by cash. As part of your regular standard list pricing, a small service charge is applied to all credit card sales. A discount is automatically applied when customers choose to pay with cash. As a result, Cash Discounting nearly eliminates the processing costs associated with credit card acceptance. To start using Cash Discount, call eDataPay today!


  • Increase profitability without raising your prices
  • Virtually eliminate monthly card processing fees
  • Collect 100% of your revenue
  • PCI/EMV Compliant
  • Can be offered in all 50 states
  • There is no longer a need for a minimum purchase price
  • Contactless Payment Options
  • Curbside / Wireless Equipment
  • Invoicing, Recurring Billing, and Hosted Payment Pages
  • Tip Adjust and Tip at time of sale option
  • Compliant Cash Discount Signage Provided




  • Brick and Mortar/ Card Present Merchants
  • E-Commerce Merchants
  • MOTO Merchants
  • Mobile Merchants