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Swipe Chip POS and eCommerce Merchant Solutions

Swipe Chip POS and eCommerce Merchant Solutions

eData Swipe , Chip and eCommerce Merchant Solutions

eDataPay Merchant Solutions is a leading payment processor with unique methods of integration. Our company is committed to bringing the best products and services that will help you grow your business by reducing costs and increasing your efficiency.


What we do:

  • The payment world is evolving with thousands of formulas and options, it takes a professional provider to give you the best solutions that equips you for success.
  • With your core business strategy in mind, we customize our solutions to fit your business plan.
  • We help you choose methods that focus on efficiency, time management, value perception and cost.

How we do it:

  • We become your partner because transacting your business needs to be flawless and smart.
  • If you are in the retail or restaurant business where you are taking payments in person, we provide you with cutting-edge EMV payment processing technologies.
  • If you are taking payments online or over the phone, we will make sure that card rejections almost never happen.
  • Most importantly we will help minimize charge backs. Guaranteeing you the highest level of service for you and your clients.

Our Retail Solutions:

  • Take Payments anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • Fast EMV payments
  • Inventory & mobile inventory
  • Reporting
  • Employee scheduling, timesheets and time clocks
  • Advanced anti-fraud technology

Email, Mail, Telephone Order Solutions:

  • Our gateways provide you with the possibility to take payments over the phone, email and by mail.
  • You can set up recurrent payments options for your clients by having our systems create payment plans.
  • Helps you create transaction reports at a click of a bottom.
  • Protect your client’s information by having encryption and tokenization on every transaction.

Ecommerce Solutions:

  • We provide payment systems that integrates easily with most e-commerce platforms and shopping carts.
  • Simplified and straight forward options that gives you the capacity to connect to one or many different websites and CRM systems.
  • Added security layers that protects you and helps you prevent unauthorized card not present transactions from fraud.

Are you ready to save money and time?

What are the next steps?

The next steps

  1. We want to set up an appointment with you. This is where we learn about your business and review what methods you have implemented so far.
  2. If you are already processing, we need to collect the last three months of merchant statements this way we can gather the processing information that we need in order to create a cost-effective proposal for you. If you are not processing now, we will create a solution based on your business plan and ideals.
  3. We provide you with our proposal and we will go over it together this way we can answer any questions that you might have.
  4. When you accept the proposal then we will do the application and get your account approved.
  5. Once the account is approved we will walk you through the activation steps to ensure that you get all the benefits that we have provided in our proposition.

eDataPay Promise

We promise to work with you every step of the way and ensure that your payment system runs effectively and efficiently, therefore we will stand by our guarantee by operating with a no service contract. We are confident we can help your business by reducing your cost and delivering exceptional customer service to create a long-term relationship with you.