People love to travel and spend their vacations in new, nice places, so the travel, tourism, and timeshare industries are very popular. Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars to make sure they have a good time somewhere nice. Even though this kind of business seems like a good idea, it can be hard to get started, especially when it comes to opening a timeshare merchant account. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants a merchant account will be able to get one from a bank.

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As a timeshare owner, your goal is to make sure your business runs smoothly. One thing you should do is give your clients an easy way to pay for your services. Cards are one of the most common ways that people pay for things, so you need to be able to accept payments made with cards. You’ll need a timeshare merchant account for this, but as we’ve already said, you may have trouble opening one at a bank. If you are having trouble getting a timeshare merchant account, you need EDataPay because we know how to solve such problems.

Since the internet became more popular, there have been so many changes in the travel business. People now book their trips online or over the phone instead of going to a travel agent’s office. With competitive prices and great deals for all places and all times of the year, it’s no wonder that the internet has become the main way Americans research and book their flights, hotel stays, cruises, lodging, and other vacation needs. Even small inns and bed and breakfasts let customer’s book rooms online. This is a big business for merchant services, which process credit cards for lodging. Car rental companies, airlines, websites that offer cheap flights, and other companies that help people travel all use the internet and credit cards. The online leisure and business travel business is a very profitable one.

With the travel industry on the rise again, a lot of people want to get a timeshare merchant account. In the payment processing business, timeshares have a history of high risk. When they realize they can’t get out of an agreement, many people who can’t go on vacation try to get their money back.

Chargebacks are a well-known problem for timeshare companies. They need the right chargeback mitigation resources to reduce risk and keep their timeshare merchant account. You can win disputes and find chargebacks before they happen with the help of new technology. The most important thing for any timeshare business is to have a team that can help keep your return and chargeback rates below the bank’s threshold.

How to Pay for a Timeshare

You might be surprised to learn that some timeshare businesses have trouble. Still, it’s the truth. A lot of banks think that timeshares, tourism, and travel businesses pose more risks than other businesses. There aren’t many reasons for it, but one is that it could lead to chargebacks. If you don’t have enough money in your merchant account to pay a customer, the bank will do it for you. Traditional financial institutions in the US don’t want to deal with a situation like this, which should come as no surprise. Because of this, they carefully look at each person who wants to open this kind of account before agreeing to do so.

You can be sure that a lot of things are important to the people who work at the bank. If you say you need to open a merchant account for the timeshare, your application will go straight to the high-risk pile. What does this mean in real life? This means that your application could be turned down or you could be asked to pay very high fees. So, what do you have to do? You can tell us what you need by getting in touch with us. We’ll choose the best option, which will let you accept credit/debit card payments and other payment methods, as well as use a variety of new features.


Everyone likes to go on vacation, but trips, flights, and getaways cost a lot of money and make banks nervous. Travel businesses that are newer or less well-known have a hard time getting financial institutions to invest in them because they think the travel business is too risky. Traditional financial institutions don’t want to give a business a travel merchant account because of things like high ticket prices, cancellations, and a reputation for having a lot of chargebacks. Chargebacks are when credit card companies ask businesses to pay back the loss of disputed or fraudulent transactions.

Timeshare payment processing often needs credit card solutions, just like any other online business. Customers like to use credit because of the perks and benefits that come with it.

The merchant will have to pay fees because of this. It’s not a secret that when it comes to lowering fees and getting better rates, bigger companies will have more room to negotiate.

Companies that sell timeshares can get their rates lowered by a lot if they can show that they sell a lot of units and have done well in the past. Every time you save money, it helps you keep making money year after year. Using traditional banks also puts your business at risk of losing all processing. On the other hand, high risk accounts are made to fit your business.



Sales with High Prices in Travel

Hotel suites and beachfront resorts aren’t cheap, and if a customer cancels an order, you’re more likely to lose money on a high-ticket sale. Banks tend to stay away from travel merchant accounts in general because of this reason. In the past, the industry has been affected by the seasons, which makes it hard for some new businesses to keep up a steady flow of business.

Some companies offer different ways to pay for timeshares. They might charge monthly fees, use subscription models, or offer discounts on purchases made once a year. No matter what, it’s important to keep your transactions steady and predictable.


How Travel Will Change?

Unfortunately, the merchant services industry sees travel companies, hotels, and airlines as high risk because they accept payment for goods and services before they are actually provided. This problem is made worse by the fact that travel is not a physical good and that most credit card transactions are now done online instead of in person. Many of the problems that come with being a high-risk merchant can be avoided if all transactions are processed through a card swipe machine and signed receipts are kept on file to protect the company and the credit card company in case a charge is disputed. Chargebacks, which are a type of disputed charge, happen often in the travel merchant account industry.

With new vaccines and treatments available to everyone, travel is sure to make a comeback. Presently, 64% of Americans are content traveling domestically, while 54% are looking forward to traveling more in six months. People are more likely to visit safe places if they know more about what to do during a pandemic. In addition to timeshares, more people are likely to go on cruises, stay in hotels, and visit cities that depend on tourism.

When the world opens up, people will look for new places to see and things to do. Since this demand is sure to come, the industry needs to get ready for a flood of new online customers. That means you should get your website ready for more sales to be made on it. Most companies may not know but there are better and worse ways to accept payments.

You need to get eDataPay the merchant account provider that will enable your business accept card payments because that is the future of business transactions.

How to apply

On our website, you will see a merchant form to fill out. However, you are also very welcome to call us or send us an email. We are sure that you might have lots of questions regarding our services. You might information on what exactly you need for your business to remain successful. We will gladly provide you with any information you need. 


For your application for a travel and timeshare merchant account to be successful, you will undergo stringent scrutiny by underwriters who evaluate the level of risks involved and ensure that your outfit is legitimate and is built on a workable model.

Different underwriters have different requirements. However, here are some of the basic requirements for a merchant account evaluation:

  • Your Social Security Number or Employee Identification Number • Valid government-issued identification, e.g. driver’s license • A bank letter • A chargeback ratio that is less than 2%
  • A secure, functional website • Your most recent bank statements over a stipulated period of time(subject to underwriter’s definition)

There are a lot of challenges that attend procuring a merchant account, particularly for a travel & timeshare business.

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