We here at eDataPay understand the importance of having a payment gateway for industries like travel and tourism as it is imperative to have a solution to collect payments online across the globe which only enables the opportunity to have a wider reach. This also means having the right solution in place with competitive pricing to reap profits in the business.



Travel companies have always been some of the worst offenders for drip pricing, a technique used by online businesses whereby an initial price is advertised at the beginning of the purchase process, and additional fees — such as card surcharges — that are added later resulting in the increase in the final cost.

At eDataPay we work closely with banks to eliminate most of the rates and charges and get you the most cheapest offer According to Europol, the airline industry loses nearly a billion pounds ( every year as a result of card-not-present (CNP) online fraudulent Sales.

It’s nearly impossible to operate a travel agency without the the options exchange money, what with global suppliers distributed across the globe, but doing that with no or less risk, cost and regulations in place is no small thing, and factors like instantly changing conversion rates, long payout times, huge processing fees and chances of fraud make it even more difficult for the business owners.

Boost in Travel Sales – Once a Travel merchant starts accepting credit cards online, with our travel merchant account, their sales tend to increase manifold.

Real-time Processing – Our travel merchant accounts allow real-time internet facilities to accept credit card payments online. Cost-Effective Solutions – With our travel merchant accounts businesses gain confidence to commence online credit card processing from around the Globe. Secure Servers – eDataPay offers secure servers so that our travel merchant account holders are secured when buying and selling products online. 24 Hours Technical Support – We provide a 24/ 7 technical support and customer service facility for our Travel merchant account holders. Fraud Protection  eDataPay strives to protect our merchants rom credit card fraud. Our online fraud protection helps Reduce the impacts of fraud on your account. Credit Card Processing Tools –eDataPay also offers tools that can help in online credit card processing. Expand your Business – Online credit card processing allows our Travel merchant Account holders to Take payments across the globe. Risk Management – At eDataPay we provide you with the best risk management tools for your travel merchant account, especially when Providing online credit card processing solution.