Worldpay, Inc. was an American payment processing company and technology provider. In June 2019 it was acquired and merged into Fidelity National Information Services. Prior to acquisition, it was headquartered in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Worldpay from FIS is generous with its expertise but has legacy tech, is slower to act.
Jacksonville, Florida-based Worldpay from FIS is the result of several acquisitions since 2018.
The integrated offering — POS payments from ventiv, cross-border payments from Worldpay, and
global banking and issuing relationships from FIS — holds the promise of a global omnichannel
payment offering with the efficiencies of better connections to global banks. Still, the entities have
work to do to simplify their product portfolios and consolidate the experience of working across
technologies for their merchant customers. Recently, the company launched Access Worldpay, a
single point of access to the various technologies in its portfolio, making it easier to integrate with
and deploy its payment processing software.
The company’s primary strength is its expertise and mastery of the regulatory landscape in
payments. It shines in supporting cross-border settlements and managing currency conversion.
Better than most, it balances merchant regulatory compliance with flexible settlement schedules
and destinations. Its legacy architecture is a common pain point among its reference customers,
as is its relative slowness to react — on planned enhancements, product launches, and for
customer service. But what it lacks in nimbleness, it makes up for in its strategic support of its
clients. One reference customer called Worldpay from FIS “innovative in the way that they use their
expertise — regulatory, vertical, commercial — to help us find solutions.” Another noted that its
“strong reputation and relationships in the payments industry” were key. Worldpay from FIS is a
good fit for global online merchants where settlement flexibility and currency management are key

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