You will get an active Merchant Center account after suspension for Misrepresentation

Even if you’ve been suspended for misrepresentation, or issues with one or 2 PSPs , eDataPay will see that  you’ll be able to reactivate your Merchant Center account.
I work in a different manner on merchant account credit card processing.
1. I review your webpage.
2. I send you a list of all necessary adjustments and tasks.
3. You make all of the modifications, and I double-check everything.
4. I use your existing Google account to send a request to Google.
5. If your request is rejected, I will create a new account for you and provide you access to it.
6. I only charge money if the account is fully restored.
7. I only work with contracts that have a set price. And it’ll set you back  from $1550.

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