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High Risk Merchant Accounts

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Accepting Credit Cards , eCheck and ACH Increases Sales


Studies confirm that when a business offers credit cards, customers are more likely to:

Our guaranteed 24-hour response and 48-hour approval time, gets you capturing every sales opportunity. Our reputations and experts on line with grate knowledge and rating should set your mind at ease about the security and reliability we offer

Apply for a Merchant Account So You Never Miss Another Sale


* If your business type is not listed please submit for an exception.

Preferred Types of Merchants:

Adult Related
Airlines and Jet Charters
Bitcoin Trading Business
E-Cigarette – Online Vape
Gambling Sites
Information Products & Seminar Companies
Credit Repair
Medical Marijuana – Cannabis
Nutraceutical and Dietary Supplement
Furniture Stores
Multi-Level Marketing
Online Dating Sites
Student Loan Consolidation
Website Development Industry
Moving and Transportation
Offshore Card Processing
Technical Support
Travel Agencies
Water Purifier Industry
Additional account types we will consider:

Online Gun Sales – Ammunition, Collection Agencies, Auctions of Any Type, Charities Through Outbound Telemarketing, Future Delivery Beyond Three Months, Golf Clubs / Accessories, Home Based Gun Dealers, Import/Export of Any Type, Outbound Telemarketing, Loan Modification, Payday Loan/ Cash Advance Companies, Smokers Accessories (Head Shops), Continuity (Free Trial Offer), Computer Repair, Multi-Level Marketing, Interest Rate Reduction, Gun Auctions (Online), Travel/Tour, Dietary Supplements / Non FDA, Hookah Lounges, Live Video Feed, Tax Relief / Enrolled Agents / IRS, Insurance, Non Bonded, Magazine Single Copies, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , Vitamins – Nutraceuticals – Supplements, Hotel Accommodations, Game Credits, Loans – Business or Personal, Document Services, IT Companies, Web Development, Online Education – Student Loan Companies.


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